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- Fanfiction website
- Entirely custom backend
- Fluid, modern design

Fimfiction is a project of mine, aimed at filling a gap that I saw existed in the My Little Pony community for fanfictions.

The goal was to create a fanfiction website that went far beyond what other services provided users with.

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Posting stories

Users can post their own stories on the site, which go through moderation before being displayed publicly.


Users can comment on other's stories, choose to like or dislike them and favourite the ones they like the most.

Mobile Site

Uses media queries to seemless fit on mobile screens in the best way possible.


Groups let users find fellow fans to interact with and share stories with.


Wide array of notifications for users to let them keep up with what they're interested in.

Private Messaging

Allows users to get in touch with each other privately to share feedback and ideas


Fimfiction Logo
Fimfiction Logo
Fimfiction Logo


Site History

Began development in June, 2011
Opened for use on the 22nd of July, 2011
Constant growth over an entire year

Page view statistics

As of June 2012:
~750,000 page views per day
~40,000 unique visitors per day

User Base

As of June 2012:
35,000+ registered users
~50% of which active every day

Page View Graph

From July 2011 - June 2012
Fimfiction Stats
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- Competition submissions for Equestria Daily
- Makes use of html5 form validation
- Simple, easy to use design

Poniloader is a website for uploading entries for competitions on Equestria Daily.

The goal was to create an extremely simple site with an uploading form that was extremely responsive, extensively validated and well presented.

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